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I am doing less, now.

I obtained peak efficiency but am using it on too many wrong things.

Pain Points

Too many possessions, words used, time spent on pursuits without a worthwhile outcome. Resistance to the moment.


The term minimalist 👎. “minimalist” is now “Minimalist™️”. Grifters dominate the space selling things, they have a Netflix documentary now.

My Version of “Less”

Less things. 🗑 More than half of my wardrobe donated. Five books remain on my shelf out of an initial 50.

Invest in quality products when appropriate. 💵 Society values free products as worth-less.

”Yes” to main quests. 👍 Spiritual practice, family, artistic expression, fitness, friends I enjoy spending time with, and work opportunities that I give a s••• about (in that order).

“No” to side quests. 🙅🏻‍♂️ I no longer have time to clarify, help with your project, prove that I can program, participate in middling friendships (family included), hear your app/business idea, give an interview (on any topic), or give you a referral.

Include time-to-read on all essays ⏱ (forthcoming).

If this seems harsh,

it's because it is. I used to live this way but the cruft built up over time. I am deeply honored when opportunities are offered to me. Ironically the process that transformed me (in the eyes of others) from just some hick living in corn country to whatever I am now was what made me attractive for those opportunities. In order to continue this trajectory and get back what I lost, it’s a “no” from me.

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